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What Does Your Entryway Say About You?

The front door of your home is the first area visitors to your home see. So what does your entryway say about you?

The entryway to your home is a big clue to your personality, style, and character. You can use this aspect of home design to show who you really are. Check out this guide to front door meanings.

Red: A red front door conveys you are full of life, full of energy, and hospitable.
Multicolor: Multiple colors on your front door tell the world you are artistic, joyful, and eclectic.
Dark-Stained Wood: This kind of door gives the impression you are generous and kind.
Mixed and Unmatched Colors: This Scandinavian-type door conveys complexity and means a deep thinker resides inside.
Middle Eastern-Inspired: You’re orderly and sweet.
Clear Glass: You literally are an open book — open-minded and friendly.
Grey: This blending of black and white is the color of compromise, which means you are traditional and solid.
Pink: You romantic, you.
Black: This door color transmits strength and authority. It also can mean you’re a tightwad.