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Getting Ready to Move? Things You Should Do Before Moving

Moving out of your home can be exciting, but also stressful. If you are planning to move, a little preparation will go a long way toward making the move smoother and stress-free. Check out these tips for what to do before moving.

Pack carefully. Record what is in each box and mark the outside of boxes with a number system or a room name.

Contact utility companies, delivery services and the post office. Schedule utility shut-offs for moving day or shortly afterwards. Transfer delivery services to your new address or cancel them completely. Process a change of address form with the post office.

Prepare appliances for the move. Drain water hoses, secure moveable parts and empty out contents. Defrost the freezer.

Organize those who will help you move if you are not using a professional moving service.

Make travel arrangements if you are moving out of town including hotel reservations until your furniture arrives to your new home.

Pack valuables and important documents to carry with you.

Cancel checking accounts or notify the bank of your new address. Secure cash for traveling to your new location.